By the time this post would have been published #endSars would have trended across the world. At this point, the ‘lazy Nigerian youths’ and society at large have gotten to a point whereby they are fed up; by ‘they’ I mean us. People have turned up in their numbers on the streets and even a greater number on social media calling for an end to this.

SARS is a special anti-robbery squad set up by the government here in Nigeria. They are ‘special’ as they are given a longer rope than most forces. This rope has stretched past robbers to harassing young people who according to them look or act suspicious.

No longer can a young man walk around with his laptop or IPhone as he would be a suspected hacker. No longer can a young man wear dreads or dress the way he pleases as he would be harassed and probably killed. It is sad to think that despite the harshness showed to a black man across the world, one cannot walk freely in his blackness in his own nation.

This is not the first time #endSars started but this time around it’s different. Different because we are united in this battle and united in our desperation for change. It is different because no longer is it only a battle for the civil right activists, for a particular tribe or religion.

At this point prayer walks are being made across town crying to God to help us as our governments seem like they don’t hear us. People like Aisha Yesufu have proudly walked the streets in her hijab calling for an end to police brutality. At this point it is not about Islam against Christianity or celebrities against civilians.

I hope this is not another stunt out of boredom as the popular reality show has come to an end. I hope that everyone reading this post – Nigerians particularly, would know the power their voices have. May you know that when you make a noise loud enough people will have no other option but to listen.

I hope that when another Nigerian is abused of their rights or relegated, we would remember how we all came together and fought for this cause, hence fighting for others would be even easier. Elections are coming up very soon and parties would come to buy our votes and our rights. May we remember that we have a part to play and that our vote counts.

You may be reading this and be satisfied that SARS has allegedly been disbanded by the Inspector General  of police – Adamu Mohammed, but I am not. I’m not satisfied because disbanding them and spreading them across various forces is equal to the same thing. I’m dissatisfied because our president has not deemed it fit to address this situation even though governments across the world have made comments.

So, we are not done until there is a total reform to the police system and this government as a whole. We will pray if we have to, start a harsh tag if needs be and go on the streets for peaceful protests until we are heard. This is the start of a long awaited awakening.

You do not have to be political to make a stand. Your silence is also an opinion. Take a stand!

Thank you for reading. Please do well to leave a your thoughts below. Enjoy.


Joy Olupeka · October 13, 2020 at 10:02 am

Really great dear

Samuel Ola · October 13, 2020 at 2:13 am

Great alignment of thoughts.

I accede with the fact that, it is far from over.

And while we would never reach an egalitarian society, we hope someday (with our collective efforts), we would achieve fairness for most and maybe all.

Thank you for the insight.

hannahblossom96 · October 12, 2020 at 10:48 pm

Great one dear!

Adesuart · October 12, 2020 at 8:14 pm

Awesome piece

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