By now you should know my name is Victory Adeyemi. I am a young Nigerian and Yoruba by tribe. Very Yoruba, I mean a pure breed of Yoruba although I’m still working on the speaking and writing part.

My idea of a good time would involve good music, books, small chops and gist. I consider myself to be an ‘extrovertish‘ introvert. They call us ambiverts. I’m an introvert, I just like gist.

You are welcome to my blog. I am immensely grateful to all who took out time to start this journey with me and those who will continue from here henceforth, as we grow and learn together.

I’m doing this on a larger platform to create a community (I’m a people person) and to share my ideas, rants and inspirations on a regular basis.

Stick around for posts about God, interpersonal relationships and orishirishi (meaning randoms as in diversity, its a Yoruba word and you know I’m a Yoruba girl by now).

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Samuel Ola · November 10, 2019 at 10:33 pm

I love it! Ma, keep it up. Do you know what? I think we should talk . . .

Don’t mind me! I like gist

I gleaned from your insights, I hope you can see. I certainly know where I can get shots of inspiration. Again, I’m blessed and I look forward to your “orishirishi”

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