A popular saying is that ‘women support women’. Since it is a man’s world, women had to go the extra mile to get their voice heard and this brought about the Feminism movement. One would think that after so much fight together as females, that truly women would support women, but reverse is the case.

It’s sad to say but a woman can be the greatest problem of another woman. We dread having female bosses sometimes, because they tend to make our lives miserable. We even sometimes dread having female roommates and flatmates because of the drama it brings.

This reminds me of the time I tried being friendly with a lady whom I was commuting with. I smiled and said good morning, she turned, frowned, flipped her hair and walked away 😂. Nawa

Long story short, we are cool now. Let me assume she was just in a bad mood or it was just PMS.

The era of women pulling women down is over. I mean it’s about time. God is raising women who will be stepping stones to other women’s success. I’m talking about the Elizabeth to Mary kind. The kind where you can lean on when you’re pregnant with purpose. The kind who will prophesy over your life and lead you to full term.

A sisterhood of women who would rather advice than gossip. Whereby we would be a safe place for each other to share our wins and losses and show our scars free of judgement.

Let us make life easy for people generally especially our sisters. Join that train today.

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