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Nick Vujicic is not your regular motivational speaker. The first time I heard about him was in my youth church. One of his videos was played to encourage us that we can be anything we want to be irrespective of our short comings. I had never seen anything like him before and I was just in awe. I cried and cried and cried. By that time, he was not married so I was asking all these questions in my head: Why did God allow this? How will he get married? Can he have children?

In my little mind it did not matter that he was traveling the world preaching the gospel of Jesus, I was just wondering who would want to be with a man like this.

Come 2012 he got married to his beautiful wife Kanae – in answer to my ponderings, and right now they have 4 healthy children. Beautiful story, right? I started following both of them on IG and I got to see glimpses of their life.

No matter how we look from the outside and we appreciate what God has done in their lives, I cannot but imagine the reality of their lives. How does his situation affect their everyday lives, especially for the wife? Its cute on the outside, but she gets to wake up everyday next to a limbless man (who is living his best life) and who is the father of her children. Life can never be business as usual for her.

One of the things she probably had to do from very beginning was to own her reality. This is the man she loves and she cannot change his disability.

So many times we deceive ourselves with wishful thinking. It is right to dream, have hopes and expectations, but living in the clouds is detrimental.

Nick spoke extensively about their journey in his book Love without limits – which I strongly recommend. Their story would not be as inspirational as it is today, if they did not take the step of faith and made the best of what life presented to them.

I believe God has given unto you all the things you need to become. He has given you a mind that works and presents you with the right amount of opportunities to create the life you desire.

But we want picture perfect lives to prove to the next person that we also are doing well. How we would go into great lengths to even lie about our current situation. My dear, own it. Own your reality. Own your story. This goes a great length in freeing you from the expectations of man.

That thing you want to do would you still do it if no one was watching? Would you still go about your daily activities the way you do without an audience?

The first step to problem solving is realization. Before you can experience salvation you have to acknowledge you are a sinner. You are not going anywhere in life until you acknowledge that this is the place I am at in life, this is the person I am with. I am not in Banana island yet, I’m still on the streets.

What if your mother fried ‘akara’ to put you through school? At least you got an education. What if your house is uncompleted and is barely furnished? What if in your ignorance you had been in all those messy relationships before you got your act right? What if you were deep into sin, I mean drugs, alcohol, prostituting type of sin before you met Jesus? Own your story. Who is giving the perfect life certificate anyway?

The bible records the story of Rahab – the prostitute, who saved the Isrealite spies from being caught. She escaped death and eventually joined the lineage of birthing Jesus the Christ. We thank God that her life turned out right but it does not change the fact that she was a prostitute. God did not blot those part out of the bible because He wanted us to learn. Why are you trying to blot out and cover up the scars that God wants to use for His glory?

When you are focused on your journey, when you put effort into becoming without getting carried away by distractions, you will be shocked at your progress.

The same applies to romantic relationships. You can compare your partner with everybody else or you can work on making the situation you find yourself in better. No one is perfect. Any goals you see on the internet – including relationship goals, did not drop from the sky. They’re refined raw materials. Work on your journey

Owning your journey gives you clarity. It helps you realize if this is the point you always want to be in or not. Now you can leave free from sin by accepting Christ. Now you can get married to the one assigned to you by God whether they have limbs or not. Own your reality!

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Okesola Oladele · August 31, 2020 at 6:16 pm

Own your reality and no one can hurt you with your story.

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