A plea for mercy is made when a person has committed an offence. For example, commits murder and pleas for a reduced sentence or an opportunity for payroll.

I read Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers and my perception about mercy changed. The story was about a girl abandoned by her mother from birth who couldn’t accept love growing up. So, she ran away and kept on going from bad to worse instead of swallowing her pride and going home.

While reading I was so annoyed with this girl. Like why was she making bad decisions after the good upbringing, why didn’t she just go back home when she realized she had lost her way? Why this, why that?

In my annoyance something dropped in my heart, saying I do the exact same thing. I’m like no! Now that’s practically impossible. I mean I did not run way with a guy I barely know, I didn’t change my identity because of fame, I do not keep hurting the people who love me. I had to pause because aren’t I amazing, perfect, always making the right decisions? No I’m not.

This is the problem we make. We have divided sin and wringdoings into sections. There are the big ‘unpardonable’ ones like murder, fraud (Hushpuppi style) or incest. Then the ones that God understands, like the little white lie, the little envy or the little jealousy.

This breakdown gives us a certain class. A little we’re better than them mentality, a sprinkle of self righteous and a truck load of ‘holier than thou’.

God does not have this breakdown of mighty sin and tiny ones. Unfortunately, sin is sin. On His scale your lie would be on the same level as this girl’s atrocities.

There have been times a bad decision gets me in a sticky situation and instead of asking God for help, I would try to get myself out. The more I tried, the messier things got. I was being just as stubborn as Abra – the girl in the story.

One of the lies the devil sells to us is that when we make mistakes God does not want us. He decieves us into believing that we have to run away from God when we are deep in sin and confusion instead of running towards Him. That is clearly far from the truth. We are asked to come to God with our burdens and weights not away from Him. There is nothing you can ever do that will make you less worthy of God’s love.

There is nothing you can do to make you less worthy of God’s love

Then this girl, miraculously comes back home and God still arranges her life and gives her a happy ending. I’m like that’s not fair. After making everybody go through so much pain, she comes home and God fixes her life? God gives her a great husband, restores her mother, gives her a child?? Definitely she should be punished for her sin.

The word that kept ringing in my mind was mercy. She did not deserve it but God was being merciful to her.

Mercy seems ‘unfair’ and unnecessary until the person receiving it is you. When you are among the loyal 99 sheep, you may think God is wasting your time by going after the one until that one is you.

It is so easy to be judgemental at people looking from the outside in. It is easy to say she doesn’t deserve to have children because she has had multiple abortions, it’s easy to say she doesn’t deserve to get married to a good man because of her rough lifestyle and it’s also easy to say she doesn’t deserve success because she didn’t put in the hard work and read the books, but your perspective would suddenly change when that person is you.

God doesn’t pay us back according to the evil we deserve. If God would reward us for every sin, every bad decision made, many of us would not make it in life. Many of us would have long gone because that’s what we ‘deserve’. We don’t deserve the love and mercy God shows us but He loves us just the same.

Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.

Hebrews 4:16 (KJV)

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Adewunmi Priscilla · September 21, 2020 at 1:50 am

It is easy to think to they are undeserving of mercy due to whatever they’ve done until the person is you. That is a great point right there and this coming from you sure means a lot. The fact that God doesn’t behave like us is one of the many factors that distinguishes him as God.

    victoryadeyemi · September 21, 2020 at 4:56 am

    Yes thank God for that. Thank you for your comment

Victoria Toluhi · September 18, 2020 at 7:32 pm

I’m blessed dear as I have a reassurance of God’s mercy. More grace in Jesus name.

Olaide · September 14, 2020 at 9:10 pm

God bless you richly ma’am.
I was blessed. Mercy says no to judgement.

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