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There was a time someone told me God speaks to me. In my mind I was like how do you know?? I was saved and all but I was and am still a realist, so this was something I could not understand. The question kept on ringing in my mind which led to a desire to actually hear from this God if He actually spoke to humans.

The sheep that are my own hear my voice and listen to me; I know them and they follow me

JOHN 10:27 (AMP)

The first step to hearing God’s voice is being God’s person. I’m sure you have people that if they call you with various numbers you would identify their voice from ‘hello’. This is because you know them. You have spent time with them, talking, listening and communing. You did not have to consciously cram their voice. The same thing happens with God. The more you know God, the more you spend time in His presence – both congregational and personal time, the more you just know Him. You know His type of things, you know what He likes and you know what sounds like Him or not.

You can hear from God via the following means:

  • Word of God: Reading or rather studying the bible is the foundational way of hearing Gods voice. He left a whole manual for you and yet you’re confused about everything. Start from a verse, then a chapter and try a book. You will find the mind of God, instructions from Him and similar situations.

The bible is a fundamental means of hearing God’s word because every other means is subject to it. So I could dream a dream and think its God but when I weigh it with the word of God I realize that it is completely against the mind of God.

God is never going to tell you to go against His word. So, the voice in your head that is telling you to lie is DEFINITELY not Him as the word clearly states that a lie is sinful.

I used to always pray that one prophet will call me out in meetings and say this and this is what you should do in life but guess what? It never happened and I had to stick my nose in the word instead. Before you find a prophecy or a dream or vision, ensure you have studied God’s Word first. Make it a habit.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness

2 TIMOTHY 2:16 (KJV)
  • Inward witness: Remember that time your mind told you to do something and you did not do it then, but later in future you remembered that your mind actually said so? Another means of hearing God’s word is by the inward witness. One could describe this as a thought or a strong urge to do something.

Please note that not every strong urge or juicy opportunity is an open door from God. Hence the reason why you should have a relationship with Him first.

  • Dreams: We will all agree that dreams can be quite supernatural but this is the most controversial means. Dreams can be easily manipulated by daily activities and whatever the mind dwells on. Little wonder a lot of people say they dreamt that a particular person is their spouse when God had nothing to do with it. If I like a guy and I spend time thinking about him, he will find a way in my dreams. It’s not rocket science.

None the less God actually speaks through dreams. God showed Joseph that he would excel above his brothers in a dream. God confirmed that Mary was Joseph’s wife and that he should not put her away while she was pregnant with baby Jesus (this is a different Joseph from the previous one). God still used this means to warm them against Herod who wanted to kill baby Jesus.

Prayerfully discern which one is from God and which one is not.

  • Visions: People still see visions today. It is a situation when one is not asleep yet sees revelations. More like a trance. (This is not hallucinations and definitely not an effect of substance abuse). When God told instructed Peter to reach out to Cornelius with the gospel of salvation (Acts 18) He did that in a vision.

Daniel was showed visions about things to come thousands of years from his existence and revelations of the end times were also showed to John the beloved in a vision

  • People: A random person who knows nothing about your life and who may not even be saved could be used as a vessel by God to send a message to you. This could be a pastor or prophet, a child, a sibling, anybody whatsoever.

 God used prophets in bible days and in our present time to warn us about upcoming events, but disclaimer here; no man has the final say over your life. Every one of us can have a relationship with God and hearing from God is not monopolized. Even the bible warns of false prophets.

The indwelling presence of God lives on the inside of his children; hence, every so-called prophesy should pass through your discernment and the word of God.

Imagine someone telling you that you will die at a young age when it is boldly written in the word that you will live long. Immediately claim the promise of God over your life and rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Always remember that you are the first prophet over your life.

  • Audible voice: The same way God can speak through your heart is the same way He can speak audibly. The relationship God had with Moses was an audibly something so do not rule this out.

These are just a few ways to hearing His voice but please do not limit God to a particular means. Its not like if I do not hear an audible voice then God has not spoken. Also, you have to clear your mind of any distractions and possible answers. If you have answers already then why ask? God will not strife with you as He is a perfect gentleman. You have to eliminate the noise as He may not increase His voice. He wants your full attention.

Let me stop here before I write a book. Thank you for reading. Do not forget to like, share, comment and follow for more posts. God bless you.

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