See you living the life you said you would because you made sure you put in place all the things you said you would

If you are still thinking life owes you something then please come off it. I remember during my NYSC passing out parade (National Youth Service Corps), one of the officers said our one year compulsory service year was the last thing the government owes us. He said if we go about complaining and wishing things to happen then they never will. You make things happen my dears. You stand up and you work.

In all sincerity, take a quick overview of your life and identify a few things you would have done differently if only you knew better. Can you see how the decisions you made affected your life now. Newsflash: the decisions you make now will affect your life 10, 20 years from now. In fact, it outlives you.

Remember Adam and Eve and how their decision to eat that fruit has affected us up till today. If only they looked and waka passed we would not have been at the point that we are at today. We would not have had to hustle and sweat and scream in childbirth.

I know that you are not at the point you want to be, but if you want to be at a better point in future, there are decisions you will have to make today. Everyday you stand up to do the job you do not like in order to save money and enhance yourself; you are saving your future.

When you decide to leave that toxic and abusive relationship you are saving your future home and your future kids. If you also decide to lazy about and have an I don’t care attitude, you would reap of the consequences.

The life you desire will not be given to you out of pity. You will have to work. I mean even if you pray from now till your future, if you don’t get to work all your prayer is in vain. Faith without works is dead. Dead. Six feet underground and unable to come out unless you pick a shovel and dig.

Do not sit and wish for the life you want. Create it.

When you are born you look like your parents but when you die you will look like your decisions

Apsotle Joshua Selman

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