This year has been so long and so eventful. Sometimes a memory pops in my head and when I trace the timing back I am surprised to find out it is still 2019.

One of the greatest lessons I learnt was how one phone call can really change one’s life drastically. I mean literally. With one phone call someone is announced dead, with one phone call your best friend is missing, with one phone call you get a job and with that one call your heart gets broken.

Things can go bad so fast that sometimes I ask myself how people can do life without God. You see it is not when things are rosy that I want people to know God. But, it is in my darkest moments when I cannot even put my feelings into words or in my loneliest moments, I ask myself how do people go through these things without a support system?

In 2019 I had difficulties with balance. There were so many times I felt overwhelmed, having so much to do and not getting enough done. I was giving way for things that were not so important over the important things like my walk with God and my peace of mind. I was burnt out. I was moving on borrowed energy and frankly there were times that I was not really myself. I am thankful that by the grace of God I could pull through and at the end of the day I thrived. Come 2020, I will have to work more on that.

Also joy and happiness are not synonymous. Happiness is a feeling usually short lived. For example, when I watch a good movie I am happy, when I get bad news I loose that happiness. But joy on the other hand is the knowing that you have a backing, it is the presence of a higher power and a greater plan. This one is not affected by the external but is found in the Holy Ghost. Joy is what the devil tries to steal and boy did he try it in my life this year ending but still we thrive.

In 2018, I remember I was disturbed by a lot of things and I had prayed about it. It was more of a “God, I beg you in the name of God” type of prayer and afterwards I had an assurance that not only did He hear me but that He would bring it to pass. Many of them happened in 2019. It took a whole year people but it still happened. Prayer works. Prayer really works.

Despite it all we rise, we thrive.

It is necessary to make an overview of how this year went in order to ensure the next year to be better, for in knowing our history we secure our future. We all have our different overviews of 2019. We all did somethings right and most definitely have regrets. 2020 being not just the beginning of a new year but a new decade, we must do better.

Write. Start by writing about how 2019 went. What did you achieve? It could be financially, career wise, spiritually and even relationship/family goals. Speaking of finance,check your annual earnings alongside your savings and investments. You get to see how much you have squandered? Are you a salary earner, multiply your salary by 12, are you a business owner, check your annual profit.

Write about your failures and their causes. Write about your weaknesses and strengths even include your friends and the fake ones too. State it out plainly.

Write about your character flaws and what you can do to make it better. Give yourself quarterly targets and write out what you can do to achieve them in the given time. Write the vision down and make it plain.

In view of this what you would do differently to make 2020 better. Who do you not need? What exam do you need to write or what application do you need to make. Draft out a bible study out because if you do not you would so spend all yearlong without getting anything done.

Whatever you want to achieve next year will not be handed over to you. Desire it and work towards it and watch it being your best year yet.

Thank you for being part of my 2019. See you in 2020.

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