Last week I announced a new ‘hopeful’ series on the blog and today we forge ahead. This time around the focus has moved from the body to the soul and the state of the heart. It is no news that every person walking on this earth has a history of sin. But how long should we be bound by them? And how does an individual maintain hope against all sinful odds?

My focus is on the life of David. He started from being a young chap, then a warrior greatly respected and celebrated and eventually the king over God’s people. As a king, he did exceptionally well. He fought to win his battles and it was recorded that he was a man after God’s heart.

When I hear such lofty titles as ‘a man after God’s heart’, I would hope to think that he lived a life of purity free from any atom of sin and evil thought. But the life of David turned out to be a rather very interesting one.


There was a day when David did not go for war so he had enough time to take a stroll on his palace roof. There he set his eyes on his neighbour Bathsheba. Bathsheba was a beautiful woman who happened to be bathing her naked self on her roof at the same time that David went outside. Did I say she was beautiful? I did right? But, she was also somebody’s wife.

As a modern woman, my first question is don’t they have bathrooms?? And why was she comfortable to take her bath openly when the sun was shining?

Different Bible scholars have their theories on this. Some say what she did was customary to that time and all the men were supposed to be at war anyway. Since I am not a scholar, I’ll just take their opinions and move on to the sin David committed.

He could not get her out of his mind so, he summoned her unto his palace. I can imagine her surprise when she was called to meet the king and her further shock when he demanded sex from her. But David was king and a king cannot be disobeyed.

In a bid to beg him to change his mind, Bathsheba reminded him that she was married but that was all to no avail. David had his way with her and this led him to another sin.


The union between David and Bathsheba was fruitful and she got pregnant with a son. This was bad news for both of them. (Messing with the Devil is a gift that just keeps on giving). Just picture this. Her husband was busy fighting to defend the nation and his wife was busy getting herself pregnant (pun intended😜).

David went into distress mode and his reflex was to quickly cover up his tracks. He pulled Bathsheba’s husband from war so he could spend time with his wife, with the intent of deceiving him into thinking the child was his. But the husband was not having it.

This man was loyal to the core and chose to rather sleep outside his house than rest when his fellow soldiers were on the battlefront. Since David’s plan of deception did not work out, he quickly moved to plan B. This time, he wanted the husband completely out of the picture.

He sent him back to war but instructed that he was placed in the hottest part of the battle and so he eventually lost his life. David then married Bathsheba as his wife.

I can clearly see the 3 types of sin here:

  • Lust of the eyes
  • Lust of the flesh
  • Pride of life

This all started when he saw her and could not get his mind off of her. This is the lust of the eyes. Then he went ahead to physically commit what he had processed in his mind, which is the lust of the flesh. And, he went as far as killing Bathsheba’s husband in a bid to cover up his tracks instead of humbling himself and repenting before God. This was clearly a case of the pride of life.

Despite all this, David did not stay in these sins for too long which brings me to my last point.


There is one thing that God is very good at doing and that is He would always chase down the one sinner no matter how far in sin they are. God would always present various ways of escape and it is left for us to grab them.

God sent a prophet to David to reprimand him of his wrongdoings. This is because no matter how much God loves you, He is displeased with sin every day. The prophet – Nathan, made it known to David that stealing a man’s wife and killing him was sinful and a horrible deed in the eyes of God and he would be punished for it.

Then David did what we should all learn from, he confessed his sin and repented of it. This is what made him a man after God’s heart. Whenever he was convicted of sin he would cry out in repentance to God. He would ask for forgiveness and would not go back to them because shall we continue in sin because grace abounds? God forbid.

The hope against all sinful odds is the hope that we do not have to be bound by guilt and chains of sins forever. It is a hope that if we ever fall into sin, there is a God that always forgives once confession and repentance are made.

There is no sin too large or too dirty that God cannot forgive. And that voice of condemnation that is telling you that you are unworthy is not from God. If David can become a man after God’s heart despite all sinful odds, then you can too.

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I easily get lost in good music and a good book. Jesus is my everything and I am a firm believer that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Lets grow shall we?


Debby Osa · February 9, 2022 at 10:32 am

A “RIGHTEOUS” man falls seven times and rises. Just rise.

Well done.

Peculiar · February 1, 2022 at 4:49 pm

Victory! God prepared you for us this year. It’s so true that those after God’s heart are not perfect and sinless people. Well done ma

    Victory · February 1, 2022 at 8:56 pm

    Oh my. Thank you so much for your comment.

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