“I love you” has to be the most abused phrase. You find people using it to get benefits like a phone number, someone to warm your bed or warming into someone’s heart in order to get favors. Some will cook up stories about how it was ‘prophesied’ they would meet their wife and there you are, and of course they love you even if they are seeing you for the very first time. Due to the way it has been greatly abused, I would put up a defense that these people are just lying and it is not love at all until I got a revelation from this passage that changed my perspective.

The story of Amnon and Tamar in 2 Samuel 13 started with the clear statement that Ammon loved his sister Tamar – I read the NIV and I had to check KJV to see if the word ‘love’ was used. It was. The alleged love he had for her made him sick and he later confided in his friend that he was in love with Tamar.

His friend went ahead to give him bad counsel and he eventually raped her, afterwards the bible records that the hatred he had for her was such a hatred that was greater than his earlier love. Many people have gotten various reasons and revelations why the love turned to hatred but that is not why we are here today. We are here to dissect the type of love this man claimed to have.

Anything that pushes you to force a counterpart physically or blackmail them emotionally to do anything against their will, is the farthest thing from love and I hope we know that. I hope we know that to sexually abuse a human being is sick, but sadly there are people who could swear on their lives that what they feel is love.

Have you ever imagined that when Amnon thought in his head that he loved her and when he voiced it out, that he somehow thought it was the truth? Like if all he wanted was a hit and run, he could easily have told his ‘guy’ about it but he professed what he thought he felt. He was not even the one who planned the rape out, so as messed up as it sounds, he actually thought he loved this girl.

Please stay with me here. We know it wasn’t love. The people surrounding them and Tamar inclusive would have known it was not real love either, but he thought that was the case.

You see, there will be people who will say they love you and treat you like trash but in their minds, they actually think their profession is true. The idea of love may have been confused because of society, background or the absence of God in one’s life because God is love. So, when they profess love to you or try to show you love know that it is deeply rooted in a messed-up ideology that they have failed to seek help over, an ideology that you may have not been called to fix. It is now your responsibility to realize that whatever thing they have disguised as ‘love’ is not what you need in your life. Gracefully walk away.

Some profess a love deeply rooted in a messed-up ideology that they have failed to seek help over

In summary, everyone who says they love you do not all love you but they are not all liars. You know what love is, you be adamant until you find that type of love, you do not compromise your standards about God’s type of love. So, when they say they can’t sleep, can’t eat, in fact have fallen sick, remember that this is not a new thing, we have been seeing it since the days of Amnon. Prayerfully weigh it very well. Do not be carried away by “I love you”. Do you want to know who loves you? God loves you. The void you are feeling in your heart no human being can fill, only God can. He loves you like crazy.

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tinycoloredmiracle · May 5, 2020 at 7:52 am

Thanks for this. Some human beings and their ngbeke love. Tufia!

    victoryadeyemi · May 5, 2020 at 11:07 am

    This made me smile but it’s a sad reality. Thank you for the comment

Ajide Esther · May 4, 2020 at 4:49 pm

Love is only complicated when God is exempted..

Nice one ma’am.. Keep it going.


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